Wellness & Spa

Cozy, magical island of wellness and health

The water services of Hotel Laroba are deservedly popular among the guests who come here, as our wellness department is open in winter and summer, even when the water temperature of the nearby Lake Balaton or the current weather does not allow you to bathe in the lake. Our swimming pool and whirlpool make the hours and days spent here unforgettable with its many elements of experience.

Wellness experiences perfectly developed in Laroba style

In addition to our pools and saunas, our salt chambers lined with salt bricks from Praid, our salt whirlpool, massages and aroma baths also color the Laroba pelatta. All you have to do after using these services is to test the comfort of our lounge or our Mediterranean sun terrace.

Hotel Laroba wellness services

Let's see a list of water and land attractions available to our hotel:

  • experience pool with 8 types of pampering experience elements (neck shower, geyser, waist, back and foot massage and pounding water jets…)
  • whirlpool with 3 types of massage elements (waist, back and foot massager)
  • cstarlit Finnish sauna
  • light therapy infrared sauna
  • aromatherapy steam bath
  • plunge pool, ice fountain
  • special salt whirlpool and salt chamber in Praid
  • massages, aroma baths (extra charge)
  • solarium (extra charge)
  • lounge with comfortable sun loungers
  • Mediterranean terrace with sun loungers and parasols

Refreshing aroma oil massage

Essential oils are essential drops of the body and soul, which are the energies of plants and flowers packed in small bottles. Their most important feature is that they stimulate the activity of the deep layers.

  • 30 minutes: HUF 9 000

Classic therapeutic massage

During the massage, the blood and lymph circulation increases, and the performance capacity of the muscles increases. Tensions, adhesions, and scarring in the connective tissue layer under the skin disappear, thereby improving the body's physical load, and unilateral static disorders can be corrected with it. Suggested psychosomatic complaints, such as headaches, migraines, sleep and digestive disorders, circulation problems, exhaustion, stress, muscle stiffness around the neck, back and lumbar vertebrae.

  • 30 minutes: HUF 9 000


  • 500 HUF / chips (3 minutes duration)


The salt bath in Praid has a double effect. The 84 types of minerals and trace elements supply our body with minerals and trace elements during bathing, through our skin. The effervescent function created by the airways provides bathers with a healing atmosphere of the salt cave. At the end of a tiring and stressful day, the Praid salt bath not only relaxes and refreshes, but also helps to start the detoxifying and self-healing processes of your body. The Praid salt bath softens and tightens your skin, promotes cell regeneration, waste products accumulated in tissues also leave your body faster. Given the above, it is no coincidence that the descaling effect of a 30-minute salt bath corresponds to a three-day fast.


Prevention and after-treatment of colds and viral diseases (sinusitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia and bronchitis):

  • to relieve stress against exhaustion
  • against acidification
  • osteoporosis
  • bone spasm, bone fracture, muscle fiber rupture, arthritic connective tissue inflammation
  • gynecological diseases, acute inflammation of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, infertility
  • Peripheral neurological diseases, nerve pain, neuritis, mild paresis approx.
  • 1 person: 2,500 HUF / occasion 2 people: 4,500 HUF / occasion

Rose aroma bath

  • One bottle of champagne: 9 000 HUF / occasion


  • Wellness slippers: 1500 HUF
  • Private wellness (after 21:00) HUF 3,900 / person / hour
Just a few steps!
  • Disabled
  • Pets
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Salt whirlpool
  • Massage
  • Not only for the hotel guests
  • Free
  • Camera-monitored
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