Halásztanya Restaurant

Flavors, traditions for over 100 years

The atmosphere of our restaurant with a century-old tradition is really captivating. With us, the commitment and humility return to the environment and the food, which connects the Fisherman's Farm with Lake Balaton.

Our creed: tradition and quality above all!

Local traditions with a renewed approach

Keeping in mind the trends of modern gastronomy, we combine the characteristic flavors and ingredients of the region and the unique features of traditional Hungarian cuisine. Every day we work to surprise our regulars with mouth-watering novelties while respecting traditional values as well. For us, the primary aspect is to nurture and perpetuate Lake Balaton cuisine.

Quality meals with lakeside wellness

The connection of wellness, gastronomy and Lake Balaton creates a fantastic triple unit in the Laroba Wellness Hotel, thus elevating it to the line of quality accommodation at Lake Balaton and making the hotel special and unique. And as we have been delighted to have launched and are in the process of changing attitudes towards quality throughout the region, we are able to incorporate the goods of local producers into our offer with increasing success. Our wine region, for example, is an outstanding wine-growing region, so the wines made here are also exceptional year after year. Of course, you can also taste quite a few of them while visiting our restaurant.

  • There is also a café and bar, where fine coffee and a wide range of drinks are guaranteed.

We warmly welcome all our guests in the Halásztanya Restaurant
either as a guest of the Laroba Wellness Hotel or just for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Table reservation and appointment:
+36 87 575 210 /

Just a few steps!
  • Disabled
  • Pets
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Salt whirlpool
  • Massage
  • Not only for the hotel guests
  • Free
  • Camera-monitored
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